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Jostle is on a quest to make organizations happier and more productive with our People Engagement® platform - a new kind of intranet that is simple, work relevant, and invigorating.

Our Manifesto

To compete and innovate organizations must:

  • Focus on people

    Help each person contribute his or her best. Recognize their skills, expertise and contributions. Surface the information and help they need to accomplish their work. Remove barriers that prevent people from “owning” their contributions.

  • Live your culture

    Nothing engages people better than a vibrant workplace culture. Live your culture. Communicate it in real time. Celebrate successes. Share your dreams.

  • Enable teamwork

    Work gets done by organized, multidisciplinary teams. Help teams align to achieve common goals. Encourage effective leadership.

  • Provide context

    Help people understand what needs to be accomplished together and why. Help them understand who is working on related tasks. Connect goals and content to people.

  • Constantly evolve

    Avoid disruptive change. Strive to always learn and continuously improve.

  • Strive for simplicity

    Usability matters. Create systems people WANT to use. Avoid tools that require manuals or training. Ensure that approaches are sustainable and easy to keep up to date and relevant.

Jostle’s People Engagement® platform help organizations accomplish these things in simple, elegant ways that bridges systems, locations, and generations.

“Enable your people and the rest will be simple.”

Don Bell, Jostle Chairman and WestJet Cofounder Don Bell
Jostle Chairman & WestJet Cofounder
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Our People

Jostle’s innovative and work-relevant approach is the result of the confluence of three essential ingredients – enterprise leadership, user experience design, and web-enabled software architecture.

  • Brad Palmer

    Brad Palmer

    CEO & Cofounder Linkedin
  • Geoff Huenemann

    Geoff Huenemann

    Director of Product Development Linkedin
  • Len Takeuchi

    Len Takeuchi

    Director of System Architecture Linkedin
  • Dave Humphrey

    Dave Humphrey

    Creative Director Linkedin
  • Don Wadsworth

    Don Wadsworth

    VP of Sales Linkedin
  • Teg Ryan

    Teg Ryan

    Director of Tehnical Operations Linkedin
  • Alex Polunochev

    Alex Polunochev

    Senior Software Developer Linkedin
  • Felipe Gasparino

    Felipe Gasparino

    UI & Mobile Developer Linkedin
  • Dwight Ivany

    Dwight Ivany

    Test Team Lead Linkedin
  • Jessica Hollander

    Jessica Hollander

    Director of External Relations Linkedin
  • David O Brien

    David O Brien

    VP of Finance & Operations Linkedin
  • Chark Wong

    Chark Wong

    Senior Developer
  • Noel Heaney

    Noel Heaney

    UX Designer Linkedin
  • Walt Venable

    Walt Venable

    Technical Account Manager Linkedin
  • Jesus Polo Torres

    Jesus Polo Torres

    UI Developer Linkedin
  • Deb Lavoy

    Deb Lavoy

    VP of Marketing Linkedin
  • Nathan Caroyannis

    Nathan Caroyannis

    Website Developer Linkedin
  • Louise Johnson

    Louise Johnson

    Sales Fullfilment Linkedin
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