[WEBINAR] Employee Communities – What they can do, and how to get them there.

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April 9th, 2014 | 1:00 PM Eastern | 10:00 AM Pacific | 60 minutes

If you are (or want to be) supporting an employee community (using Jostle’s intranet or otherwise), you will be amazed at the level of rigor and insight that Rachel Happe brings to the topic. Her research over the last several years will help you understand:

  • How communities mature
  • What they can and cannot achieve
  • How to measure success, and on what kind of timeline
  • What a community manager is and their impact on outcomes
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Jostle Selected to Present at Canadian Financing Forum

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What is the Canadian Financing Forum?

The Canadian Financing Forum matches North American Corporate and VC investors with entrepreneurs looking to build world-class technology companies.

We think its cool to be there.

Not just anyone gets to present. We were selected from a long list of applicants for this honour. We are looking forward to meeting and supporting the other innovative people and companies who will be there. The startup scene in Vancouver is inspiring – and any time we get together with our tribe, we get excited to do great things.

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[WEBINAR] What’s New in Jostle: Live Demo and Q & A

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January 28th, 2014 | 1:00 PM Eastern | 10:00 AM Pacific | 60 minutes


It’s a new year, so we’d like to catch up with you. We made a lot of progress in 2013. If you are curious and haven’t seen a demo lately here is your chance to see what’s new. Join us for a complete live overview of the Jostle platform and you’ll see:

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[PRESS MENTION] Vancouver’s Jostle hires former Open Text director Deb Lavoy as marketing vice president

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Jostle Corp., a developer of enterprise intranet software, has appointed a former Open Text Corp. director as its new vice president of marketing.

Deb Lavoy will be joining the Vancouver-based company to “expand its enterprise market presence and accelerate customer acquisition,” according to a release. She has previously held strategic roles at Adobe Systems Inc. and AOL Inc.

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Canadian Intranet Company Acquires Veteran Marketing Expert

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Vancouver, CA–(December 5th, 2013) Jostle, an emerging player in the social intranet marketplace, is excited to announce the appointment of Deb Lavoy as the VP of Marketing.

Lavoy is no stranger to the social enterprise space. Prior to Jostle, Lavoy worked as the Director of Strategic Marketing for Open Text, a provider of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) capabilities. She brings 15 years of marketing experience in internet, and enterprise software and services, including strategic roles at both AOL and Adobe. Lavoy is also an established writer and speaker in the social enterprise space.

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Jostle’s Innovative Platform Solves Problems Other Intranets Can’t

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Vancouver, CA–(November 26th, 2013) Jostle’s CEO and co-founder Brad Palmer knows what it takes to stand apart in a crowded social enterprise marketplace. And it isn’t a Facebook approach. Jostle is a new kind of social intranet platform that makes it easy for organizations to connect employees, facilitate teamwork, and drive their culture. First-generation social […]

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[WEBINAR] Telecommuting: Evolution of the Workplace or Culture Killer?

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December 3rd, 2013 | 1:00 PM Eastern | 10:00 AM Pacific | 60 minutes

First Yahoo banned it. Then came HP. Regardless of who is for or against it, the concept of telecommuting isn’t going away any time soon.

Those against telecommuting or ‘working from home’ claim lack of collaboration and innovation and lower employee productivity—But a remote workforce doesn’t have to mean an unconnected workplace. Nor does it mean micro-managing employees’ every task.

Smart organizations know that when executed right telecommuting can result in happier and connected employees, increased employee retention and recruitment, and decreased expenses.

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[Press Mention] Jostle Selected to Exclusive SVC2UK ’100 Club’

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Silicon Valley Comes to the UK brings leading Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, investors and thought leaders to the UK to explore ideas and to ignite local entrepreneurship.

Last week they named their SVC2UK “100 Club”: a group of individuals who they believe to have “the most innovative, high-growth ventures and who show the greatest promise to become future serial entrepreneurs and investors themselves”.

The Club is rigorously handpicked by SVC2UK experts via a multi-step selection process, and consists of “CEOs likely to build global businesses worth £100 million in the next three to five years.”

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[WEBINAR] The Trick to Employee Engagement—It’s Not What You Think

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October 30th, 2013 | 1:00 PM Eastern | 10:00 AM Pacific | 60 minutes

Much of what you read about employee engagement is filled with feel-good advice, the effects of which are largely immeasurable, intangible, and…frankly, ineffective. Even the most popular employee engagement surveys miss the mark in measuring what truly matters.

Outstanding organizations have a unique way of helping each employee realize his or her full potential, while generating significant business results. Join business performance expert and author of The Outstanding Organization Karen Martin for a lively and thought-provoking webinar on October 30th and learn:

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