Coffee connections in the cloud

Jostle keeps ‘Hooligans’ connected to their culture.

Harris+Hoole has always been about the people. It isn’t easy to stand apart in the world full of coffee shops—unless of course you can connect people to your brand. From their happy customers to their culturally diverse employees, the only thing these ‘hooligans’ love as much as their people is their coffee.

To support their rapid growth, H+H knew they needed a social intranet that brought their culture to life, kept their dispersed teams in close communication, allowed their armada of baristas to share customer experiences, and helped support the rapid onboarding of new employees. This is why they chose Jostle.

Harris+Hoole Employees

Energising a decentralised team

Collaboration thrives when people can find each other, share ideas, and participate in discussions – even if they’re miles apart. The culture at H+H is authentic, they encourage people to participate,

speak up, and simply be themselves. Jostle’s people-centric framework provides numerous ways for people to get involved including NEWS, DISCUSSIONS, & SHOUT-OUTS.

Jostle Social Features

“Jostle provides the energy & alignment that is key to driving our rapid growth”

Nick Tolley, CEO and Founder, Harris + Hoole Nick Tolley
CEO & Founder
Harris + Hoole

Sharing employee wisdom

Jostle helps H+H unleash new ideas and energy with a platform where all employees can share inspiration and collaborate on how to deliver a better coffee experience. Whether it’s sharing the perfect extraction technique of a newly imported Guatemalan bean or a photo of

latte art, baristas from all across the business are sharing ideas instantly. Employees can comment, like, or add new ideas. And best of all, when they find something amazing, it can be rolled out across the entire company in minutes.

Jostle Discussions View

Quickly bringing people into the fold

H+H adds team members every week. Getting these new Hooligans trained and plugged into their culture is challenging for this fast-moving company. There are countless new products, promotions, and materials to share.

LIBRARY makes key documents and materials easy to find, helping onboarding because it contains all the latest learning tools and information. Built-in tools ensure information stays current and well curated.

Harris+Hoole Employees

"As a new employee, Jostle has really helped me to easily get to know the wider team at H+H. It’s also such a simple way to brainstorm and get quick feedback on your thoughts and ideas."

Matthew Martin, Team Leader, Harris+Hoole Matthew Martin
Team Leader

Getting to know people easily

Jostle’s PEOPLE view includes a powerful (and patent pending) search function so team members can find anyone in H+H by skill, location, and even nickname. Whether you are at your desktop, or on the fly with your iPhone,

you quickly find people and connect with them. From there you can connect with a single click. This ensures people can get access to valuable teammates to share fresh coffee inspirations.

Jostle People View

Up and running in days

Agility is critical to building a brand in a crowded market so H+H needed a turnkey intranet solution. Jostle can be deployed immediately and since it’s a cloud-based platform, the Jostle team takes care of all the hosting, maintenance, and support. That means H+H can stay focused on their business.

"We were able to quickly setup Jostle to deliver a digital experience that reflects who we are as a brand. The solution is also so intuitive and simple, it was easy to rollout to our extended team."

Danielle Anderson, Harris+Hoole Danielle Anderson
Director of Digital Experience

Sound familiar?

Our friends at Harris+Hoole are on a great adventure to bring coffee to a new level in London. You may be facing some similar business challenges around growth, communication, or culture. No matter the size or type of business, Jostle fits.