Meet Jostle’s Turnkey Intranet Solution

What intranets always dreamed of...®

Jostle’s People Engagement® platform connects employees, surfaces content, and aligns teams. It helps companies bridge organizational silos, integrate acquisitions, foster teamwork and stimulate innovation.

Jostle’s cloud-based intranet engages employees over 3x better than either traditional intranets or social business platforms, thanks to its unique people-centric approach and elegant turnkey design.

Drive your corporate culture

Bring your culture to life

Jostle’s simple intranet makes it easy to bring your workplace culture to life. Our employee engagement software helps share the values of your organization and see your culture in action.

Share workplace stories

Jostle helps you build an engaged workplace by sharing the stories and accomplishments of your organization in real time. It creates an overall sense of an extended team accomplishing things together.

Jostle's News View

NEWS view makes it easy for “Reporters” from across your organization (locations, functional silos, etc.) to publish stories that celebrate the values and successes of your organization, including polls and photo albums.

Connect anywhere with Jostle MOBILE

Out of the office? Commuting and want to keep up with your company?
Jostle MOBILE keeps you connected to what’s happening, no matter where you are.

Jostle Mobile Platform

for iPhone

Focus on your people

Connect your people

Trying to find that new marketing person? Looking for Kathy but spelling her name with a C? We will find them for you! Jostle’s patent-pending people search technology replaces traditional directories, quickly connecting people across your organization.

Uncover Hidden Expertise

Our modern intranet portal uses auto-tagging technology to effectively discover hidden expertise across your organization. It also finds key content and delivers it in the rich context of people and teams. After all, it is people that collaborate, not content.

Jostle's People View

PEOPLE view brings all the people in your organization into clear view and discovers hidden expertise. Our patent-pending people search technology makes it easy to find people, even if you don’t know how to spell their name.

Find documents quickly and easily

Make information easy to find

Get your go-to information out of the chaos of fileshares. Place key files like training materials, benefits forms, marketing pieces and product specifications in clear, searchable volumes.

Ensure ownership & curation

Our simple design and built-in tools make content ownership clear, making it easy to keep files current and organized. Content can be restricted to the real-time membership of workplace teams.

Jostle's Library View

LIBRARY view makes it easy for employees to find the current version of forms, training videos, budgets, specifications, marketing materials, etc. Files are organized in easy-to-navigate Volumes.

A new approach to keeping content fresh

Documents pile on documents without clear ownership or context, quickly creating a cluttered and unusable site. Jostle’s next-generation social intranet keeps content relevant, easy to navigate, and in the rich context of people and teams.

Learn more about why intranets fail and how our approach is better.

Recognize and share contributions

Shout-Out Contributions

Enable everyone to recognize and appreciate the contributions of colleagues and teams via simple “Shout-Outs.” Help create a culture of recognition across your organization.

Share what’s happening

Make it easy for employees to highlight what they are working on. See important developments in real time. Find out who has a birthday or a work anniversary today.

Jostle's Activity Stream

ACTIVITY stream shares updates and notifications in real time. It includes a simple mechanism to recognize fellow employees or teams with a real-time Shout-Out. It highlights today’s birthdays and work anniversaries.

Discuss and share ideas

Workplace relevant chat

Start a private chat with a few others. Maintain a ongoing team discussion of a key strategic topic. Launch a new initiative with a company-wide “town hall” chat. Collaborate, exchange documents, and share ideas easily and securely.

Tie discussions to real teams

Our new approach to enterprise social makes it easy to discuss topics without cluttering up email inboxes. Jostle’s TEAMS technology keeps discussion groups current without the need for people to manually maintain them by “following” each other.

Jostle's Discussions View

DISCUSSIONS view enables threaded chat and includes the ability to attach files and links. Discussions can be private or open to the full organization. Discussions can be tied to the real-time membership of workplace teams, including larger groups of people, like a location or division.

Jostle is not Facebook for the enterprise

The Facebook approach doesn’t belong in the workplace. People are busy at work and don’t have time for noisy updates and notifications. Consequently, social intranets like Jive and Yammer are not working. Jostle takes a more work-relevant approach that aligns teams and supports leadership.

Learn more about how enterprise social does not fit the workplace and how our approach is better.

Clarify who is doing what

Visualize your structure

Jostle clarifies team structures, whether formal or ad hoc, hierarchical or collaborative. Bring project teams, matrix structures, task forces, and committees involving external contributors into clear view.

Replace your org chart

Replace traditional org charts, using an approach that is easier to maintain. Capture project teams and initiatives that lie outside the traditional hierarchy. Sync reports-to data and teams data to/from other systems.

Jostle's Teams View

TEAMS view clarifies team memberships and makes it easy to navigate your organization. Our patented TEAMS technology makes it possible to capture, visualize and maintain all your workplace teams.

How easy is it?

Engage and connect your employees in a week

Get site live

1+ days

  • Kickoff with your team
  • Import your employee data
  • We help you throughout

Tell your story

4+ days

  • Train & motivate stakeholders
  • Seed NEWS & LIBRARY content
  • Set org structure to reflect you
  • We coach you throughout

Launch Party

1+ days

  • Open your ‘Launch Box’
  • Invite your users
  • Begin post launch process