Our Manifesto

To compete and innovate organizations must:

1. Focus on people

The integrity, creativity and productivity of any organization depend entirely on its people. We believe in enabling each person with the information, context, connections and recognition they need to work effectively with a strong sense of purpose and accomplishment.

2. Live your culture

Nothing engages people better than a vibrant workplace culture. We understand the power of celebrating successes, sharing dreams, and communicating culture in real time.

3. Enable teamwork

Great achievements require effective cross-discipline teamwork and the bridging of silos. We encourage facilitating communication across systems, locations, and generations to drive decisions and align teams.

4. Avoid Disruptive Change

People resist big changes to systems and culture. We advocate simple approaches that make organizations more connected and agile by first enhancing -- not challenging -- culture and leadership.

5. Provide context

To work effectively, people need to understand what is going on within their organization. We recognize the importance of ensuring people know who is doing what, why it matters, and how it relates to greater goals and challenges.

6. Strive for simplicity

Usability matters. Create systems people WANT to use. Avoid tools that require manuals or training. Ensure that approaches are sustainable and easy to keep up to date and relevant.