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Red River Mutual unites offices and culture with a new intranet

Insurance company Red River Mutual discovered that the dispersed nature of their staff was inhibiting employee engagement, interoffice connections, and important celebrations. Their goal was to improve all of this with the Jostle® platform. Here’s how they did it.

“We’re creating a workspace culture with the Jostle intranet; one that changes the way our employees connect with each other, and encourages longevity in their careers with us.”

Jennifer Ewankiw

Jennifer Ewankiw
Vice President of Strategy & Business Development

Red River Mutual Activity feed

Changing the way employees connect with each other


During their annual process of measuring engagement, leaders at Red River Mutual realized that geography was working against them. With many employees out of the office in meetings, working from home, or based in separate locations, daily communication amongst Red River Mutual staff was difficult.

This meant that employees had little opportunity to get to know each other and meaningful connections weren’t being made. As a result, less information was shared and the celebration of achievements was often seen as disruptive. Thus, it became infrequent and often after the fact.


Red River Mutual chose to address these problems with a new intranet. They redeveloped their online space called Staff Central into one that would enable employees to connect and engagement to thrive.

Launch poster

Poster to announce the arrival of the new intranet

As employee engagement and connection was at the heart of this project, it was vital for the launch of Red River Mutual’s new intranet to be as engaging as possible.

“Once the technical set-up was complete, we embarked on a three-week launch campaign in three phases: Anticipate, Welcome and Engage, and Embrace,” shared Jaclyn Leskiw, Marketing Communications Specialist. This well-planned and executed approach earned Red River Mutual a Jostle Award for their intranet launch strategy:

  1. Anticipate. This two-week phase generated excitement about the upcoming intranet launch. It included email announcements, a countdown calendar on the old Staff Central site, and promotional posters in both Red River Mutual offices.
  2. Welcome and Engage. This included launch day activities. “We had pizza parties, branded Kit Kat Bars with instructions on how to access the new platform, hidden prizes, and cupcakes,” said Jaclyn. The next week, Red River Mutual published articles on the platform’s features, and prize draws for those who used various features.
  3. Embrace. This phase was important for long-term adoption. It’s when Red River Mutual brought new contributors in to create and curate content. “We decided early on that this platform needed to be for staff and by staff. It shouldn’t be used as simply another avenue for formal company announcements. Bringing in staff from across the company to help curate content was key,” explained Jaclyn.
Launch day festivities

Launch day festivities in both Red River Mutual locations

“It’s amazing to see how integrated our new intranet has become within our corporate mindset.”

Jennifer Ewankiw

Jennifer Ewankiw
Vice President of Strategy & Business Development

Red River Mutual branded KitKats

Cleverly branded KitKats to encourage engagement on launch day


Red River Mutual’s thorough approach has delivered great results. Staff from all levels, including the Senior Leadership Team, are using the Jostle platform to connect and recognize each other’s good work.

Red River Mutual’s News view

Red River Mutual’s vibrant “Staff Central” News feed

“Having an avenue to communicate with staff, without filling up their inboxes while they work, has been key to introducing the idea of informal communication at Red River Mutual,” said Jaclyn.

The most positive change Red River Mutual has seen since launch is the connection that now exists between their two offices. All employees can now easily communicate and celebrate together.

“The Jostle intranet has reminded everyone that we’re one company, a whole, and we shouldn’t be segregated by geography.”

Jennifer Ewankiw

Jennifer Ewankiw
Vice President of Strategy & Business Development

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