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What we are up to

At Jostle, we’re on a mission to create extraordinary workplaces. To help us achieve this, we’re hard at work building a people-centric intranet from our Jostleplex in Vancouver, Canada.

We help our customers create connected and vibrant organizations. Our platform works with all sorts of management structures, industry sectors, and different company sizes across the world.

Quick facts

  • Product: Our People Engagement® platform is a new kind of intranet that creates connected and vibrant workplaces
  • Team: Over 60 Jostlers work from the Jostleplex in Vancouver, Canada
  • Customers: Hundreds and hundreds across the globe and in many sectors
  • Product development: We deliver improvements to our cloud-based software most weeks
  • Patents: US 8,631,021 and 8,706,723, plus several others in process
  • Funding: We have raised over $7 M in equity funding to date
  • Investors: Private individuals who understand how we help create extraordinary organizations
  • History: Jostle was founded in 2009
  • First customer: Arrived in 2010 and has renewed every year since

Our roots

“I’m inspired to see our customers transform.”

Brad Palmer

Brad Palmer
CEO, Jostle Corporation

Brad Palmer cofounded Jostle based on his own experience building and transforming large teams in a variety of corporate settings. From the start, Jostle has focused on helping leaders create amazing organizations.

“Enable your people and the rest is simple.”

Don Bell

Don Bell
Chairman, Jostle Corporation

Don Bell was the cofounder of WestJet who created the powerful people-centric culture that allowed the company to quickly grow into Canada's most loved (and most profitable) airline. Don was an early Jostle investor and currently serves as our chairman.

Learn more about the Jostle team or check out the check out the Jostle Declaration.

Why we stand out

  1. Participation: Our typical customer achieves employee participation rates of over 85%. That's 5X industry norms. Even more impressive, we achieve this across a wide variety of sizes, industries, and management styles.
  2. Work relevant: Our people-centric design and focus on the five key needs of humans in the workplace delivers exactly what busy employees need. No clutter, no stale information, no social “noise”.
  3. Information targeting: We make it easy to restrict and target information to specific teams, people, and locations. Powerful and cannot be accomplished using other tools.
  4. Role clarity: Understanding who does what and how people cluster together to get work done (teams, org units, employee types, locations, etc.) is key for organizational clarity. Information should be work relevant and clutter free. It must be targeted and filtered by the people it matters to.
  5. Internal communications: Solves internal communication at all levels. Push out the latest news, celebrate a success, recognize a colleague, poll employees, jump into an informal chat, or participate in an ongoing strategic discussion.
  6. Turnkey: Simple to implement and easy to maintain. Cloud-based, with no IT required. Our proven onboarding process helps customers launch fast.

Our customer stories

The Jostle® intranet works for all company types. We have highly engaged customers across a diverse range of sectors including finance, technology, design, cities, government, and franchised restaurants. Whether industry leaders or up-and-comers, they’re passionate about how Jostle is helping them transform.

“…this is the best our Company has run in my entire 13 years here.”

Bob Hartnett

Bob Hartnett
CEO, Houlihan’s Restaurants, Inc.

“Our garbage internal email traffic has gone down at least 50%.”

Bob Hartnett

Graham Taylor
IT Manager, Connect Wireless

“We got our mojo back. Thanks Jostle.”

Lisa Hughes

Lisa Hughes
Director of Change & Transformation, Cottsway Housing Association

Fun facts

  • One customer accessed their Jostle intranet from 37 different countries last year.
  • Our software is tested in 34 browser/operating system combinations.
  • We are in our 7th Jostleplex.
  • We had users sign in from 186 countries in 2017.
  • The Jostlers were born in over 20 different countries. Fewer than a third of our employees were born in Canada.
  • Jostle customers include a cricket board, an evangelical church, and a chain of colostomy clinics.
  • 88% of our customers come from outside of Canada.
  • Our database servers process over 500,000 transactions per minute.

Brand assets

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