Align and connect your org

Imagine a new kind of intranet that energizes your workplace. Share stories and celebrate successes.

Jostle's News View

Jostle NEWS is a stunning way to share workplace stories. Align your organization and bring your culture to life.

Share news with your organization

Celebrate your successes

NEWS makes it easy to share challenges and happenings across your organization. Get your employee announcements and notices out of email. Feature stories that celebrate your organization’s culture, values and successes.

“After fourteen months of planning, the office team could see images and video of the construction actually underway. It let us do something we never could before. Celebrate.”

Bill Tucker, CEO, Omicron Bill Tucker CEO, Omicron

Get your internal comms read

Enjoy 5X higher read rates for internal communications, compared to traditional newsletters and intranets. You can target articles at specific employee groups/locations — each employee sees only what is relevant to them. And they can read NEWS on their phone while in the field or commuting. “Likes” and comments provide a sense of participation.

Jostle is more engaging than competitors
Social intranet shoutouts

Recognize co-workers

Everyone likes to be acknowledged. Shout-Outs provide a contagious way for everyone to recognize his or her peers. You can even recognize teams. Then everyone can pile on with a “like”.

Get input with polls

Get meaningful input from across your workplace fast. Or target a poll at a specific region or employee type. Polls are a great way for leaders to engage employees.

Get coworker and your team's opinions and thoughts

Patented TEAMS® technology is the Jostle difference. It makes it easy to navigate teams, projects and committees.

Structure your organization

Replace your org charts

Replace hard-to-maintain org charts. Capture all kinds of workplace structures including matrix reporting, self-managed teams and communities of practice. Sync reports-to relationships with other systems.

Target the right people

Thanks to TEAMS® technology, you can target information to specific teams, roles or locations in a click. For example, publish a NEWS story that is only visible to engineers working in Germany.

Find people in your organization

Jostle EVENTS makes it simple to plan and coordinate key events. See who is planning to attend.

Simple events planning

Promote events that are org wide, or tied to specific teams or locations. Never again will your sales meeting be the same day as the new building opening.

“We can tell people when a new menu item is coming, when they need to prepare, and when they need to update their cash registers.”

Amanda Stone, Director of Training & Communications Amanda Stone Director of Training & Communications Houlihan’s Restaurants, Inc.
Intranet Calendar
Global collaboration

Tools for a global environment

Different languages? Time zones? Locations? Jostle helps leaders bridge organizational silos to bring a consistent sense of culture and awareness to every corner of your organization.

“One team, one dream.”

Ashton Crosby Ashton Crosby Harris and Hoole