Enable your team

Great organizations ensure each employee has the help, information and context they need to work efficiently.

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Jostle DISCUSSIONS provides a productive place for collaboration and teamwork. No more confusing email chains.

Team chat for intranet

Simple, elegant collaboration

Jostle DISCUSSIONS helps teams get their work done. It enables private conversations, confidential team discussions and open “town hall” style forums. Attach files of any type. Employees can join in from their iPhone or iPad.

Target specific teams

Thanks to TEAMS® technology you can start a discussion with a team, location or division in a click. Jostle updates the participant list automatically as your organization evolves.

Contrast this to chats in social tools, which can only target ad hoc groups. Groups formed by social mechanisms like “following” are seldom complete and quickly become dated.

Find members in your organization

Jostle PEOPLE is a whole new way to find the people you need.

Search for documents and people in your intranet

Comprehensive search

Our simple search box finds everything (people, teams, expertise, documents, conversations, etc.). Filtered by access permissions, location, etc. Our patented technologies can even find people via nicknames or rough phonetic spellings.

Know your colleagues

Put a face to a name. Make it easy for employees to discover and help each other. Uncover hidden expertise.

“Jostle has made a significant impact on our employee communication and sharing, and has really helped us build an Omicron community.”

Courtney McKissock Courtney McKissock Senior HR Advisor, Omicron
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Jostle LIBRARY keeps files and videos up to date, organized and searchable. Make content access and ownership clear.

Google Drive Integrated Intranet

Make info easy to find

LIBRARY gets critical content out of the chaos of file shares. Ensure the right people have secure access to the latest versions of sales materials, onboarding videos, forms, etc. Content ownership and permissions are always clear.

View any kind of file

You can integrate your LIBRARY with Google Docs, or use the built-in Jostle Viewer. This allows you to view over 50 file types, including videos and design files, right in your browser.

List of file types Jostle supports (and more!)
Jostle Android / iOS Intranet App

Great mobile app

Out in the field? Commuting and want to keep up with your company? Jostle MOBILE keeps you connected to what’s happening, no matter where you are.

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