Enable communication at all levels

An integrated suite of internal communication tools. From enterprise-grade instant messaging, to ongoing strategic team forums, to the rollout of company-wide initiatives. All in one simple, intuitive platform.

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Plug chat into your organization

Private instant messaging inside your company. From 1:1 chats to topical forums. Quickly tie discussions to the real-time membership of any workplace team or location. View attachments. Organize topics. Get work done.

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Plug chat into your organization


Our research shows that less than 6% of employees think newsletters delivered by email or paper are effective.

The Engagement Gap, Brian Solis and Jostle Corporation

Get your stories read

Tired of crafting workplace stories with poor readership? Our engaging platform delivers very high employee participation rates. Your stories actually get read, liked, and commented on.

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Jostle engagement

“The Jostle intranet enables communication for us.”

Michael Pollak

Michael Pollak
Chief Brand Officer and Co-Founder, Heyday

Reduce email

Move team conversations to DISCUSSIONS and announcements to NEWS. The result? More effective communication, better collaboration, and less email confusion. The best part? No more fragmented email threads with confused attachments.

“Our garbage internal email traffic has gone down at least 50%.”

Graham Taylor

Graham Taylor
IT Manager, Connect Wireless

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Tame email

Why this matters

Companies need a communication platform that works for all employees. A go-to place where the extended team connects to share ideas and understand what’s going on. A place where critical information can be pushed to the right groups or locations. A noise-free place where information is targeted, engaging, and work relevant.


The go-to place for the latest news

NEWS is the go-to place to keep up on company happenings. It’s easy to quickly create vibrant stories, announcements, photo albums, polls, quick updates, etc. And you can quickly target content at specific locations or employee groups.

The go-to place for the latest news

“Since we've implemented our Jostle intranet, the use of Discussions has reduced the need for each person to be in large meetings of up to 20 hours a week during crunch times, to about 3 hours.”

Hamish MacDonald

Hamish MacDonald
CEO, The Diary