Make information easy to find and share

Help all employees find and view the information they need. Deliver content to specific employee groups securely. Enable onboarding. Organize policies. Surface and search key content.

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Create a reference library

LIBRARY gets critical content out of the chaos of file shares. A go-to place for everyone to quickly find the “official” copy of policies, design manuals, sales materials, forms, budgets, etc.

Reference Library

“We’ve created a data drinking fountain with the Jostle platform. If you want information—if you’re thirsty—you can go get it yourself. You don’t have to come to my office, I don’t have to pour you a glass of water and hand it to you.”

Frank Rizzo

Frank Rizzo
Director of Instructional & Information Technology, Alden School District

Keep content fresh

Keep files and videos up-to-date, organized and searchable. Content ownership and permissions are always clear. Curation tools are built in.

“If it’s not on the Jostle intranet, it doesn’t exist.”

Mandy Stone

Mandy Stone
Director of Communications and Training, Houlihan's Restaurants, Inc.

Keep content fresh

Why this matters

Content ownership and curation are important. Stale content and information clutter are the number one causes of failed intranets. This can’t be solved in fileshares, because of the constant churn of creative work and the need to archive. Key content needs to live in a purposeful place with clear ownership per topic.


Tie your file repositories together

Connect dynamic content from your fileshares or legacy SharePoint sites. You can also fully integrate LIBRARY with Google Drive, including locking down viewing permissions.

Tip: ask about our Google G Suite integration

Tie your repositories together

Keep confidential information controlled

Create LIBRARY Volumes open to all employees, or only viewable by specific people. Block downloading, where required. Ensure that everyone has easy access to the latest version of materials. Require affected employees to “sign off” on key documents.

Tip: ask about our enterprise governance options

Keep confidential information controlled

“The Jostle intranet is fundamental to upholding our values, our culture, and overall approach.”

Gill Buchanan

Gill Buchanan
Founding Director, Pure

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