You can have a better intranet in about a week.

The turnkey, cloud-based intranet that is easy to deploy. Elegant, usable, secure and affordable.

Add your people

  • Turn on your site
  • Kickoff with your team
  • We help you throughout

Add your content

  • Fire up your content owners
  • Seed stories and files
  • Set up org structure

Launch party!

  • Celebrate companywide
  • Invite users
  • Tap into our coaching

“Compared to the last couple of systems that we used, the attach rate with Jostle has just been through the roof.”

J. Ackley, Ivie & Associates J. Ackley,
Vice President, Technology Services, Ivie & Associates
  • It just works

    Jostle’s intranet is a turnkey system designed by experts that understand usability. No box of parts that you need to assemble. Adding your people and content is easy. Then we help you bring the true nature of your organization to life in engaging ways.

  • Don’t change everything

    Social business platforms require you to change who you are and how you work to get results. We don’t. Jostle helps you build a better version of what you are today. Then, if you want change, we’ll help you drive that evolution.

  • Easy data import/export

    Jostle fits in. We support all popular single-sign-on protocols. And integrate with Active Directory and HRIS platforms.

  • Google Apps integration

    If you have “gone Google” you enjoy all the benefits of our platform plus deep integrations into Google’s world. Learn more.

  • Ongoing support

    You are not alone. We will guide you through our simple onboarding program, step by step. And provide responsive technical support, if you need it.

  • Engagement coaching

    To accelerate your success, we include ongoing engagement coaching. This includes best practices and access to benchmarks and analytics.

  • No maintenance

    Jostle’s intranet runs in the cloud. No software to install or update. No servers to buy or maintain. New features arrive automatically. Free up your IT resources for other business critical needs.

  • Curation is built in

    Easily assign ownership for specific content to the person/team that cares about it. No more IT gatekeeping. And we build in all the tools they need to keep information organized and current.

Still have questions? Visit our Product Q&A.