Meet a few Jostlers

Here are a few Jostlers that you might connect with. Our team includes more than 70 people in development, customer success, operations, sales, design, and marketing.

Meet our board

  • Leadership

    • Brad Palmer

      CEO & Co-founder

      30+ years creating teams that bring game-changing technologies to market success. Sailor.

    • Bev Attfield

      Director of Brand, CX, EX

      Creator of engaging brands and delightful interactions. Runner and traveler.

  • Marketing

    • Dustin Tysick

      Director of Growth Marketing

      10 years of finding interesting ways to optimize and grow businesses. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioner.

    • Sabrina Roach

      Demand Generation Marketing Specialist

      3+ years shuffling the marketing stack. Crazy craft lady and sommelier in self-training.

    • Michelle Su

      Marketing Development Rep

      Always exploring ways to grow businesses faster and smarter. Will drop everything for puppies and ice cream.

    • Corey Moseley

      Content Marketing Specialist

      6+ years piecing together sentences and stories. Cyclist.

  • Sales

    • Don Wadsworth

      VP of Sales

      25+ years matching customer needs to innovative products. Hockey dad.

    • Ramen Tegenfeldt

      SaaS Sales Executive

      8 years growing companies through successful sales. Smoothie addict.

    • Saad Abouyahya

      SaaS Sales Executive

      5+ years helping companies build great workplaces... in 6 different languages. Plays soccer and travels.

    • Mitch Dale

      Sales Administrator

      Passion for technology meets passion for business. Hockey player and music producer.

  • Support

    • Chanaka Samarajeewa

      Technical Support Manager

      10+ years dedicated to customer support. Tens of thousands of resolved tickets. Family man.

    • Patreena May

      Technical Support

      10+ years of customer service experience, bringing smiles and satisfaction to customers. High five giver.

    • Vince Forrington

      Technical Writer

      8 years of writing support and product documentation; a lifetime steeped in pop culture trivia.

  • Customer Success

    • Sally Smith

      Director of Customer Success

      25+ years ensuring every customer is successful from the outset. Hiker of the world.

    • Deepa Patel

      Customer Success Manager

      8+ years creating customer success and supporting account growth. World traveler.

    • Sam Chikmoroff

      Customer Success Manager

      Customer service expert with a passion to get results. Equestrian enthusiast.

    • Joy Keatinge

      Customer Success Manager

      Customer experience enthusiast, ensuring customers are always successful. Lover of all sea based activities.

  • Finances

    • David O’Brien

      Chief Financial Officer

      25+ years of running complex businesses and getting things done. Cyclist, but only if beer is involved.

    • Will Hollis


      6 years of meticulously crunching the numbers to help them grow. Cyclist, skier, and runner.

  • Technology

    • Bruce Milton

      VP of Development

      25+ years growing high functioning multi-disciplinary product development teams. Explorer.

    • Richard Stride

      Director of DevOps

      20+ years of making technology work for me. Cyclist and gamer.