Meet a few Jostlers

  • Brad Palmer

    CEO & Cofounder

    30+ years creating teams that bring game-changing technologies to market success. Sailor.

  • Don Wadsworth

    VP of Sales

    25+ years matching customer needs to innovative products. Hockey dad.

  • Ramen Tegenfeldt

    SaaS Sales Executive

    8 years growing companies through successful sales. Smoothie addict.

  • Kasandra Nigro

    Sales Administrator

    10 years helping sales teams achieve their best. Soccer/baseball junkie.

  • David O Brien

    Chief Financial Officer

    25+ years of running complex businesses and getting things done. Cyclist, but only if beer is involved.

  • Will Hollis


    6 years of meticulously crunching the numbers to help them grow. Cyclist, skier, runner.

  • Louise Johnson

    Customer Operations Manager

    Nearly 10 years guiding companies to great product decisions. Detail wrangler. Vegas afficionado.

  • Bev Attfield

    Director of Brand, Customer, and Employee Experience

    Creator of engaging brands and delightful interactions. Runner and traveler.

  • Dustin Tysick

    Director of Growth Marketing

    10 years of finding interesting ways to optimize and grow businesses. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioner.

  • Sabrina Alcock

    Demand Generation Marketing Specialist

    3+ years shuffling the marketing stack. Crazy craft lady and sommelier in self-training.

  • Hannah Price

    Digital Content Marketing Specialist

    3+ years using word power for business growth. Random fact repository.

  • Bruce Milton

    VP of Development

    25+ years growing high functioning multi-disciplinary product development teams. Explorer.

  • Geoff Huenemann

    Director of DevOps

    System architect for multiple high-availability systems. Problem solver, musician, and adventure racer.

  • Chanaka Samarajeewa

    Technical Support Manager

    10+ years dedicated to customer support. Tens of thousands of resolved tickets. Family man.

  • Joey Tsoi

    Support Technologist

    5+ years engaged in the IT industry, development and technical support. PC enthusiast.

  • Sally Smith

    Director of Customer Success

    25+ years ensuring every customer is successful from the outset. Hiker of the world.

  • Yasmin El Debssi

    Customer Success Manager

    15+ years creating customer excellence in global organizations. Baker extraordinaire.

  • Deepa Patel

    Customer Success Manager

    8+ years creating customer success and supporting account growth. World traveler.

  • Sam Chikmoroff

    Customer Success Manager

    Customer service expert with a passion to get results. Equestrian enthusiast.

  • Tomas Nehyba

    Technical Account Manager

    3 years supporting customers, with an MBA, and a desire to make you successful. Outdoorsman.

  • Nicolas Noel

    Technical Account Manager

    10 years’ experience in IT, software dev, and project management. Problem solving, Crossfit and track racing are my jam.

Our team is stacked with even more experienced development, design, marketing, sales, and support staff.

“Enable your people and the rest will be simple.”

Don Bell, Jostle Chairman
& WestJet Cofounder
See our Board of Directors.