Stories from a few of our customers

“The Jostle intranet has reminded everyone that we’re one company, a whole, and we shouldn’t be segregated by geography.”

Red River Mutual

Uniting offices and culture with a new intranet

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“One of the biggest changes is the improved interaction between employees across all of our branch locations.”

Kinzler Construction Services

Creating a go-to place to connect people

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“The Jostle intranet centralizes all our information into a single place and makes it easy to consume.”

Armstrong Watson

Accountancy firm averts communication challenges

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“We now have a place where everyone can reliably access information.”

Coweta-Fayette EMC

Energy provider uses intranet to break down information silos

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“We have multiple locations so we needed a tool such as the Jostle platform to keep us united.”


Launches intranet for lasting success

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“The Jostle platform’s simplicity enables natural communication allowing us to inspire people and transform organizations.”

One Workplace

Goes from SharePoint to ‘on point’ with Jostle!

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“The Jostle platform has enabled us to improve our communication at a management and social level, and has helped create a culture of open communication in the firm.”

Ashtons Legal

Improves team communication between offices

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“Padre Dam is recognized as a leader in the water industry. The Jostle platform is a key component to maintaining and exceeding that level of performance.”

Padre Dam

Padre Dam achieve open and honest dialogue with staff

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“Previously there was no way to provide staff with multiple photos and videos…Email isn’t a suitable medium for this kind of sharing.”

Silvacom Group

Intranet powers corporate social responsibility communication

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“We’ve created a data drinking fountain…If you want information—if you’re thirsty—you can go get it yourself.”

Alden School District

Communicates with clarity and efficiency across schools

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“The Jostle intranet has fast become a regular dimension of how work and collaboration occurs at BBD, and it’s hard to imagine our culture without it.”


Benefits by Design connects a country-wide company with a modern intranet

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“Jostle is where we get to know one another beyond the signature blocks, where personalities emerge, and camaraderie strengthens.”

Buckingham Strategic Wealth

Unique company culture flourishes despite dispersed workforce

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“The Jostle intranet has been an excellent addition to our company culture: we’ve been able to increase (and improve!) our company-wide communications…”

Elevate LLC

Elevate’s leadership keep employees in the know

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“The Jostle intranet has enabled us to dramatically impact our culture…”

M&G Pizza Enterprises

Domino’s Pizza franchise is reducing business costs and employee turnover with efficient communication

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“I think the Jostle intranet is hugely important to us, even more as we grow.”


Brand, values, and communication reach YOTEL’s global workforce every day

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“We now have a single source of communication within our teams.”


A fast paced organization stays connected and engaged with Jostle

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“The Jostle intranet is having a tangible positive influence.”

Century Group

Stronger internal communication for a deeper company culture

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“The Jostle platform is absolutely the most visited site in our organization. Not even Google can compete.”

Woodland Trust

Vibrant internal communication takes root at Woodland Trust

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“The Jostle intranet enables communication for us.”


Everyday is a Heyday

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“The Jostle intranet is fundamental to upholding our values, our culture, and overall approach.”


A Pure approach to workplace culture

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“The Jostle intranet serves to help with the connectedness and sense of culture across our sites.”

Per Scholas

Collaborating to change lives

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“The Jostle platform lets us do something we never could before: share and celebrate.”

Omicron Canada Inc.

Turning a company into a community

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“The Jostle intranet is the main place we use for communications.”

The Diary Corporation

Keeping everyone in the loop, all the time

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“What we love seeing the most is that people are using it as a way to bring more positivity into the day.”

Hawaii State Federal Credit Union

A credit union that’s always right by employees and customers

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“If it’s not on the Jostle intranet, it doesn’t exist.”


An operational turnaround for Houlihan’s

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“I don’t hear a lot of feedback about the Jostle platform. I just see a lot of people using it.”

Connect Wireless

Building communications to succeed

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“The Jostle intranet provides the energy & alignment that is key to driving our rapid growth.”


Coffee culture connections in the cloud

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“The Jostle intranet clarifies our overall organization and helps us with internal communication.”

City of Vernon

A new way to connect and engage

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“It’s so easy, we didn’t need training.”

McFarland Clinic

A paradigm shift to a next-generation intranet

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