Build culture & engage employees

Bring your workplace purpose, values, and character to life. Recognize contributions and celebrate successes. Create a dynamic place where all your employees come to connect and participate.

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Share engaging workplace stories

NEWS is the place to publish workplace stories and share what's happening. Align your organization and let your culture shine.

Share stories


Companies that publish workplace stories several times a week achieve engagement rates of over 93%.

Why this matters

Nothing engages employees more than learning about news as it happens. We make it easy for ‘culture champions’ across your organization to share examples of your values and culture in action. Publishing is simple; no coding, no IT.


Recognize contributions

Shout-Outs are a contagious way for everyone to recognize others. Tie these to your declared organizational values. Birthdays and work anniversaries are automatically acknowledged.

Tip: give peer-to-peer bonuses with our Bonusly integration

Recognize Contributions


According to Towers Watson, recognizing employee performance increases engagement by almost 60%.

Towers Watson

Celebrate successes

Publish feature articles and albums that celebrate your organization’s successes and initiatives. Get your employee announcements out of email.

Celebrate Successes

“After fourteen months of planning, the office team could see images and video of the construction actually underway. It let us do something we never could before. Celebrate.”

Bill Tucker

Bill Tucker
CEO, Omicron

Plan events easily

Promote events that are company-wide, or tied to specific teams or locations. Set recurring events. Monitor RSVPs. Download attendee lists.

Plan events easily

“I think the Jostle intranet has changed the way we interact. It’s definitely brought the organization closer together.”

Anne Lightowler

Anne Lightowler
Head of HR, Woodland Trust

Reflect your brand

You can tailor your Jostle intranet so it reflects your company and your brand; add your logo, use your company colors, and customize the name.

Reflect your brand