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“Our employees and our leadership have embraced Jostle. We see over 89% participation week after week, and it’s had a big impact on how people feel about working at Manpower.”

Brianna Teschke, Manager, People and Culture,
Manpower Services Alberta

A New Kind of Intranet

Jostle’s intranet is simple to implement and maintain

Jostle intranet software makes it easy to inform and connect employees, quickly providing what they need to get work done. That’s a tough task. One that both content-based and social intranets consistently fail to deliver. Jostle’s approach is different. Employee participation is work-relevant. It is easy to share news, align teams, recognize contributions and invite participation.

Our employee engagement rates are consistently 5X higher than both traditional employee portals and social intranets. Jostle intranets are not just for employees. We help leaders communicate plans, reinforce culture and celebrate successes. Our patented TEAMS® technology makes it simple to deliver the right information to the right people.

Jostle's Intranet Software

The End of the Disconnected Company

Built differently, loved wildly

Simple, elegant and engaging. Our unique approach delivers very high employee participation. That’s key for getting everyone on the same page. Our customers see about 85% participation, month after month. That’s 5X better than the competition.

Product Overview

Built to empower people

Jostle intranets help people understand their workplace culture and know what’s going on. Quickly find people, discover expertise, discuss topics and share information. Collaborate seamlessly across locations, time zones and departments.

Empower with Jostle

Built for leadership

Great leadership is all about connecting with people – inspiring, empowering and aligning. That’s hard in today’s global, mobile world. We help leaders connect with teams to communicate plans, share successes and recognize contributions.

Align with Jostle

Like most customers, Manpower threw an amazing launch party. Check out more customer stories and get excited.

Will van Middendorp, Senior Business Advisor,
Manpower Services Alberta

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