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Unite Your People

Jostle’s People Engagement® software engages employees in ways traditional intranet software never could. Our simple, cloud-based intranet connects people and aligns teams across organizational silos and boundaries.

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Clarify Team Structure

Jostle’s patented TEAMS™ technology clarifies organizational structures, whether formal project teams or ad hoc social committees. This approach to enterprise social software makes it easy to publish and find information tied to real workplace teams.

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Find Hidden Expertise

Our powerful people search technology finds employees when you do not even know how to spell their name. Auto-tagging makes it easy to discover coworkers with hidden expertise and skills, replacing employee directories.

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What intranets always dreamed of...®

Jostle takes a fresh approach cloud-based intranet software – work relevant, elegant, people focused. Our abilities to bring workplace cultures alive and enable employees with the information and connections they need, set us apart.

Our new kind of social intranet is more engaging than traditional intranet software and offers a better workplace fit than social business platforms. Jostle's turnkey company intranet software is easy to roll out and sustain.

Thousands and thousands of satisfied people

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"Jostle's approach is truly next-generation, delivering work relevance and meaningful engagement with simplicity and elegance."

Danielle Anderson, Harris + Hoole Danielle Anderson
Harris + Hoole

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