Social Business Too Social?

Or do you just want to better connect and enable your people? “Enterprise social” holds great promise, but effectively harnessing this new toolset is challenging.

Social Intranet Software

Is the rapid emergence of social tools taking you places you don’t want to be?

The problems with enterprise social tools

Social platforms like Facebook and Twitter have dramatically changed how people interact. Many vendors quickly replicated these consumer approaches to create the first generation of enterprise social platforms (aka Enterprise 2.0). Results have been mixed.

First-generation enterprise social platforms are failing because they:

  1. Presume mass collaboration will spontaneously break out.
  2. Mimic consumer products designed to entertain.
  3. Fail to engage the workplace, ignoring company culture and structured teamwork.
  4. Inflict massive change, changing both work processes and where information resides.
  5. Often challenge how decisions are made and confuse leadership.

Although many companies have now experimented with enterprise social platforms, very few have succeeded in making them mission critical to how work gets done.

Why is Jostle’s approach different?

Jostle’s People Engagement® platform is designed from the ground up with a people-centric philosophy to engage people and employees and foster teamwork across your organization. It is what intranet always dreamed of…®

Jostle’s approach is different. Jostle:

  1. Fosters teamwork, bringing mentorship and collaboration into work context.
  2. Surfaces key information and makes it easy to discover hidden expertise.
  3. Engages employees by delivering the real-time vibe of the organization.
  4. Does not inflict change, bridging existing tools across systems & locations.
  5. Clarifies who does what and aligns teams across your organization.

Discover today how our platform can help you:

  • Stimulate work-relevant collaboration and cross-org teamwork.
  • Clarify who is doing what and recognize contributions.
  • Share the latest company news and drive your culture.